1. How to create a wallet?

2.What happens if I send a SEDO token to the SEDO contract address (or another token contract) ?
Don’t Send Tokens to the Token Contract Address!

If funds were sent to the Token Contract Address by a mistake, they cannot be recovered and will stuck there forever

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3.Can I mine to the exchange address?

No. Mining to the exchange address will result in the irrevocable loss of your assets.

4.Why are my transactions Reverted?

A lot of miners are trying to mine simultaneously in order to find a solution. Even if several miners solve the task only one gets a reward for the solution. The others will receive Reverted flag and False status.

5.Why does my transactions stay for a long time in Pending status?

The confirmation speed depends only on the speed of Etherium network and current gas price. You can familiarize with the optimal required gas pricehere

6.Why do I see an “out of gas” transaction error?

You are short of gas quantity necessary to pay the transaction. Send some eth to your account which you are using for mining.

7.What happens if I send eth to a contract address?

Contract of our coin doesn’t accept eth. eth should return to the sender if the network allows it technically.

8.When will the pool start working officially?

We are planning to start the pool at the end of Q1 2019. Also we will be informing you about accessible pools started by crypto community.

9.Why is it necessary to pay for the mining in solo mode and how much it costs?

You pay not to SEDO developers but to Etherium network because every transaction call costs gas. Miner calls the “mint” function of contract token. Cost consists of factors: successful or not transaction, current parameters of gas costs, maximal quantity of gas (set in miner parameters)

10.Why is it necessary to provide the eth wallet private key in miner settings?

It is necessary for transaction payments. SEDO developers don’t have access to your wallet. For better security we recommend regularly scanning your PC for viruses. Also you can use another computer (or VPS) to mining. You don’t need a lot of eth for mining. 0.05 – 0.1 eth on your account is enough to start mining.

11.What is Merge mining?

It is a mining standard. The process of mining of several coins simultaneously. Miner provides the solution which is checked by the contracts of all coins which are set in the pool in the Merge mining mode.

12.Which coins can participate in Merge mining mode?

For now SEDO is compatible with 0xBitcoin for Merge mining. Other comparable coins can also be set. If you are a pool developer and want to set up a Merge mining please contact us.

13.For the mining farms with NVIDIA video cardsplease use Windows 7 OS. These farms may not work correctly on Windows 10