“Easter eggs” prize fund !

Dear SEDO community!

The sponsor of the project SEDO has determined the budget for the competition – 8K SEDO.

Most recently, we have made the announcement of a new, in its unique contest – “Easter eggs” (https://www.facebook.com/notes/sedo-documents-system-based-on-blockchain/easter-eggs-contest/268267940719443), in which we tried to kill the issues with the vote cheats in the previous contest for the best Meme (https://www.facebook.com/…/a.203590283853876/265864440959793).

In the new competition, cheating will be excluded, because there will be no vote. The competition starts very soon – on April 15, on Monday.
Awards will be distributed as follows:

“Sprint SEDO”
Round 1: 400 SEDO
Round 2: 800 SEDO
Round 3: 1000 SEDO
Round 4: 1300 SEDO
5 round: 1500 SEDO

“SEDO Treasure Island”
3 codes of 1000 SEDO

We wish you all good luck and look forward to everyone in our game meadow;)