New investment plan !

We have a new public vote on the choice of a new investment plan on the Yobit exchange:

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SEDO Sprint – the final round is opened !

So, we open the last, 5th round of SEDO Sprint!
In this round, we hid two parts of the code (1500 SEDO) in different places on the official SEDO Internet resources.
In order to get a prize, you need to find both parts of the code and send information about them in the format described in the contest rules.

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SEDO Sprint – the final round !

The final round of Sedo Sprint will be played tomorrow !
Be ready to win 1500 SEDO !

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The end of yobit investment plan !

A 5% weekly investment on the exchange will soon be spent, it will not be replenished in the near future.
Be careful and plan your expenses! (more…)

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Only two codes are left in the SEDO Sprint !

Only two codes are left in the SEDO Sprint ! Codes for 1300 and 1500 SEDO will find their owner. Be prepared 🙂 The next round will be played on Monday!

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Easter Eggs contest will be STARTED SOON ! ;)

Please follow our prev news about th Contest !

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The start of the Easter Eggs contest will be rescheduled

Due to the fact that the exchange (unexpectedly for all) decided to hold a second ICO in two weeks (, the SEDO Project Sponsor decided to postpone the start date of the competition to several days. We will announce the new date of the competition in addition.

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“Easter eggs” prize fund !

Dear SEDO community!

The sponsor of the project SEDO has determined the budget for the competition – 8K SEDO.


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“Easter Eggs” contest

The competition is aimed at raising the awareness of the community about the resources (websites) of the SEDO project on the Internet.

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Info about official twitter account

For technical reasons, we are forced to abandon the old SEDO Twitter account (@sedocoin).

We will do our tweets here:

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