Info from the Sedo Sponsor!

Swap will take some time.

We are negotiating with the main platform where SEDO is traded.

The terms and conditions will be published on the site within 14 days after the platform is approved for trading.

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Important news!

Due to the inactivity of P. Durov’s project (TON), the SEDOX team is forced to temporarily suspend work on the swap implementation. At the same time, we are technically ready for swap on the platform.
To increase the transparency of the project and attract new holders, the Sponsor made a decision to put up 700K coins purchased earlier for free trading (this is not a premine).
This will allow everyone to buy SEDO at an attractive price and be ready to exchange.

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Five packages for SEDO holders

Sedo Sponsor: Gentlemen-traders. To attract holders (and with an eye to exchanging SEDO for SEDOX), we prepared special packages for the purchase of our asset.

The volume of each package is 20,000 SEDO.

The fixed price for 2020.01.06 is 0.4 bitcoin.
Currently 5 (five) packages are available.
To purchase packages, please send mail to

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New investment plan

Dear holders!
We have good news for you.

The Sponsor of the SEDO project has made a new investment plan for you on the YoBit exchange.


– minimum 50K Sedo

– maximum 200K Sedo

– 1% per day

– 155000 coins

– play dice, buy and hold YO is not required 🙂



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SEDO pair with YO token

We have a new traiding pair in the exchange!

YO token – currently the main one (and the most promising coin of the exchange). Keep your ears open 😉


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Discord news.

Discord has global problems.

This is not a problem with the SEDO.

As soon as the Discord is fixed, the SEDO server will work again.

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Telegram Dice bot

Dear SEDO community!
We are glad that you are with us 🙂
We would like to inform you that at present our developer is preparing an experimental bot telegram for the Sedo Dice game.  To play dice you do not need to pay for gas in the Ethereum network. We will use the  one of our partner exchanges.
Please follow our news!

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SEDOX news

Dear SEDO Investors!
We are currently busy with a lot of hard work on the SEDOX security system. As you know, one of the main problems of independent blockchain networks is that their networks break, and – as a result – coins are stolen (or generated), which are then successfully sold on exchanges, and the exchange rate is dropped into the floor. For this reason, we want to develop our architecture in a form in which attackers will have nothing left to do but swallow their own drool, wishing they hadn’t bought the SEDO token in sufficient quantity earlier 🙂 The current security work will be completed as planned several months.
We are also continuing to develop the target architecture of the SEDOX solution.
We will keep you informed about the news.

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Additional 72,000 SEDO coins to invest box !

Invest-box on the exchange was replenished with 72,000 SEDO coins from the Sponsor’s personal funds! It is good and profit time to SEDO holding ! 🙂 —->

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Official Merge Mining Sedo pool is available now !

The SEDO team is proud to announce the launch of a new Merge mining pool (0xbtc + SEDO!). For two months we have been preparing changes. We have done excellent optimizations in terms of both mining and payouts! In addition, at the moment we also offer some of the best mining conditions for these cryptocurrencies – only 3% is the pool commission.

Payments are made on a schedule, 1 time per day.

We invite everyone to join.

Host =
RPCPort = 10002

The instructions for mining are in the how-mine channel discord of the SEDO server:

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