The main advantages of DMS based on blockchain

  • guaranteed confidentiality of the information transferred between the participants of document workflow.
  • sufficient transaction speed.
  • guaranteed protection against network attacks (including network spoofing).
  • the possibility of a bonus system for network consumers using Proof of Stake algorithm (POS)
  • etc.

The key platform features:

  • high level of abstraction regarding the technologies it based on (Vaadin, Spring, EclipseLink, etc.)
  • pre-installed and integrated components that solve many typical tasks of the corporate systems.
  • visual development tools and advanced template code generation.
  • in total, this allows to minimize the time spent on “system” tasks, configuring the project infrastructure, the integration of technologies and components, development of basic functionality.

Increasing transparency of the enterprise internal work

EDMS allow managers to monitor the status of the document during the all stages of its life cycle – from creation to approval. In addition to this, EDMS allows you instantly and easily find not only the requested file, but also a full report of who created it, who had access to it, and who edited it.

Keeping a personal history of each file and related documentation

EDMS allows to centrally manage customer-supplier relationships. For example, just one click is enough to bring up all the necessary documents which contain requirements related to different types of relationships between an organization and an external entity.

More adequate usage of physical space and technology

Valuable square meters occupied by redundant servers and other devices to store documents can be released. Depending on the status and  elevance of the information, documents and files can be safely removed at the end of their shelf life. Data management not only helps to meet the corporate standards, but also contributes to a more adequate usage of the space to store.

Greater flexibility with regard to the physical location of the staff

Because of electronic access and communication, employees will have an opportunity to work remotely. And even being in the same geographical location, employees no longer need to wait for the paper copies of the files to be sent from the near office.

Reduced printing, postage and shipping costs

Paper documents which are sent between departments or suppliers may be sent electronically.

Increased security of information and documents

As mentioned, the centralized database allows you to make backups of documents, thereby reducing the risk of accidental or intentional loss of files. At the same time, less time will be spent on searching required document if its location has changed for some reason.

Saving time

Employees spend less time searching for paper documents. Thanks to a centralized database, files are backed up regularly, this eliminates the possibility that the document will be irretrievably lost if it is forgotten in the plane, accidentally or intentionally destroyed or simply disappears in the office chaos. Completely eliminates the loss of time searching for files and documents that were not in its place for some reason.

Improvement of employees’ and managers’ satisfaction level

Optimization of routine tasks allows employees to have more fun during office hours. Freeing employees from doing tasks that are often boring, such as handling invoices, allows them to devote themselves to the other activities. At the same time, department heads get more ability to control the work of their subordinates. Ultimately, some organizations may find that the savings allow them to move to a new level of business.

The current settings of the SEDO token in the Ethereum network.

Total supply

50 000 000 SEDO

GPU & CPU Mineable

Unique miner


1 000 000 SEDO (bounty and development fund)


10 Minutes

Block reward


Difficulty Readjustment

every 1024 Blocks



The Roadmap